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Here are our range of beers that are available all year round. In our cold store, ready, when you need them.

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Cooper Hill Blonde
3.8% ABV
Light coloured ale with a spiky hop bitterness and light malty base.

Cooper Hill Best
3.8% ABV
A classic british ‘best’ bitter. Deep amber, full flavoured session ale.

Cooper Hill Golden
4.2% ABV
Golden in colour, with lots of hops and a deep gold character.

Miners Blonde
3.8% ABV
Light ale with a rounded maltiness and a light sweet finish.

Proud Miner
4.0% ABV
A copper coloured traditional English bitter, an ideal session ale.

Seven Hills IPA
4.5% ABV
Hints of fruit and a malty undertone with a classic bitter finish.

Timmy’s Tipple Blonde
3.7% ABV
A light blonde ale with oodles of flavour and well balanced hop aftertaste make this a perfect pint.

Timmy’s Tipple Best
3.8% ABV
A bold deep amber ale with a rich and rounded malty body and clean bitter finish.

Uncle Jed’s
3.8% ABV
Copper coloured and full bitter flavour with a hint of fruity sweetness.

Granny’s Blonde
3.6% ABV
Pale straw coloured blonde ale full on flavour and a balanced hoppy finish.

Flying Pig
3.8% ABV
Pale ale with subtle malts And a light hoppy finish.