seasonal Beers

Beers to suit the occasion

These are the beers we don’t stock all year round. We make them throughout the year to mark the season or the occasion. We always like to give you something new exciting to try so this range is always changing as we experiment with new recipes and techniques.

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Black Silk  
3.8% ABV
A classic dark milk stout. With hints of chocolate and dark sweet coffee
Blonde Bunny
4.0% ABV

Pale straw in colour. Balanced malts and hops, light refreshing flavours.

4.3% ABV
Light coloured pale ale. Simcoe hops give a long bitterness and a light fresh mandarin aftertaste.
4.2% ABV

A rich chestnut ale with a smooth creamy head. Hints of a nut, chocolate and vanilla aftertaste.

Ruby Christmas
4.2% ABV

Deep ruby red Christmas ale. Full of body with the gentle flavours of spices and berries.

Ho Ho Ho-down
3.9% ABV

A Copper coloured ‘Best’ ale. A nice rounded bitterness with hints of fruit.

Yule-ing Banjos
3.7% ABV

A refreshing blonde ale that has a well balanced hop and lovely citrus aroma.